Drink Baijiu is a platform dedicated to the study of Chinese spirits. Baijiu is the world’s best-selling category of liquor, but beyond China’s borders it too often overlooked. We believe that the baijiu category contains within it a world of flavors, and its full potential has not yet been realized.

Our mission is simple. We want to share what we know about baijiu and empower others to expand upon that knowledge. By starting a conversation, building a community of enthusiasts, and promoting those who work with baijiu, we aim to broaden the discussion about what a drink can and should be.

Join us, lift a glass and toast a tradition that spans more than nine thousand years. Ganbei!

What is baijiu?

Baijiu—白酒, pronounced bye-j’yo—is a drinks category that encompasses all traditional Chinese grain spirits. Baijiu is most commonly distilled from sorghum, but is also made from rice, wheat, corn and millet. Made across China, a region roughly the size of Europe, it is a diverse range of beverages. Production techniques differ significantly by region and style, and can be as distinct as whiskey is to tequila.

What's On Drink Baijiu?


Everything you ever wanted to know about baijiu, and a bit more for good measure. Through the study of bai-ology visitors will learn baijiu’s origin story, how to make baijiu, and how to drink it in a variety of settings. And in the instance that Drink Baijiu fails to answer your question, you may refer your case to the resident Bai-ologist.


The latest in baijiu-related goings on. Find events, bars serving baijiu, and ground shaking industry news. Through our original, regularly updated features we will relate the stories of the brave women and men working with baijiu around the world, with tips and tricks for aspiring baijiu bartenders.


What’s better than reading about baijiu? Drinking it. Baijiu cocktails are a recent innovation, but one with great promise. Dive into an ever-expanding recipe database to explore the final frontier in mixology.